Pika Layers


Where are your Sleepers and PJs made?

Our entire collection is 100% designed and made in Canada.

Where do you source your bamboo?

We source the softest highest quality bamboo blends through Canadian suppliers.

What is the composition of the bamboo?

The fabric composition is 95% Rayon from bamboo & 5% Spandex making for the softest, stretchiest PJs around. 

How do you care for your Sleepers and PJs?

Our bamboo fabrics are designed to withstand the normal wear & tear but we recommend taking a bit of extra care of them for longevity. Our tip is to machine wash cold, tumble dry on low, or ideally, hang to dry.

Are your Sleepers and PJs pre-washed?

Yes. Our material is pre-washed with water only.

Are any of your Sleepers or PJs treated with flame retardant chemicals?

None of our collection is treated with flame retardant chemicals. All of our sleepwear complies with the "snug fitting" guidelines outlined by the Government of Canada’s Health & Safety regulations. 

What currency will my order be processed in?

Right now we only have the ability to process orders in Canadian dollars. If you choose your currency to view our site you will see an estimate of the conversion rate in your chosen currency.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Pika Layers will ship all over the world. Remember customs and duties are the responsibility of the customer. 


Still have questions?

Send us an email! hello@pikalayers.com