What's in Your Bag? The PIKA Packing List for Beach Day

Posted: August 3rd, 2021

With summer in the air and warm weather in the forecast, it's hard to beat spending the day at the beach with the family.

And what’s not to like? Summer beach days make for super fun adventures that take you out of the house and into mini vacations. The only real dilemma with these trips is figuring out what you'll need to bring - especially with kids in tow!

The struggle is real so we have created a list of the top "must-brings" to add to your beach bag. Get ready to enjoy your day and forget that packing stress was ever even a thing!

1. Bathing Suit

Pro-Tip: Have your little one wear their bathing suit underneath their clothes so that heading into the water can be quick and easy - no changing needed. For the cutest breezy sets designed to keep the skin feeling cool, pick up some PIKA Shorties. Made from the softest bamboo fabric, these are great options to pop on over the swim suits.

P.S. A little bird told us that PIKA has some exciting new UPF 50+ swimwear headed your way next Spring, so keep an eye out for it! 

2. Towels

Trust us, you won’t regret bringing at least one towel to the beach. Forget using it to dry off, we all know the sand can get HOT and your kids will want something cool to sit on. For an even better addition, pack along a hooded towel that doubles as an easy cover-up and a fun accessory.

Need a recommendation? Check out these beautiful towels from Tesalte - they actually repel sand, which means more of it on the ground and less in your beach bag.

 3. Sunscreen

Sun safety is critical, especially when your entire day is being spent at the beach. Make sure to bring a full spectrum sunscreen for kids over 6 months, and a UPF-protective alternative, such as a sun blanketfor those under 6 months.

For a safe and effective sunscreen, check out Think. With options for babies, kids, and even adults, Think is a great choice if you’re after clean, mineral-based ingredients for your sunscreen.

4. UPF Clothing

Did you know that experts recommend including UPF protective clothing in your sun safety routine? At PIKA, we offer our adventure series including our Sun Shirt, Baby Playsuit, and even Sun Blanket, all complete with UPF 50+ protection and the coziest material to keep the kids safe and happy in the sun.

5. Sun Hat

On top of UPF clothing, make use of items like brimmed hats! Not only are these key players in the safety game, but they also make for stylish additions to add to your child’s wardrobe.

For super fun print caps, check out Canadian company, Headster, who offers a range of styles in sizes from toddler all the way to adult! 

 6. Sunglasses

Looking for eyewear? Jan & Jul has got you covered. This adorable company offers the cutest kid’s sunglasses with features like UV 400 protection, comfortable straps, and BPA-free frames.

7. Beach Toys

Whether for building sandcastles or just digging holes, pack some toys with you to bring beach day fun to the next level. Need inspo? Check out European brand Quut’s beach toy set - it comes with the basics and a super cute ball-shaped bucket that doubles as a carrier.

8. Water shoes

Even though sand looks smooth, it’s not uncommon to find things like glass and rocks within it. To avoid injury, bring along some water shoes that your little one can slip on and off easily. We recommend native Jefferson water shoes. Offered in 20 different colours, these cuties aren’t just fashionable, but are also odor resistant and even shock-absorbing! 

9. Water Bottle

With summer heat also comes dehydration. That's why it's important to remember to pack lots of drinks. For quick hydration, pack along a Hydroflask water bottle. Both BPA-free and insulated, these are perfect for keeping the drinks (and the kids) cool on those hot days.

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments!

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