Sustainable Gift Wrapping and the Art of Furoshiki

Doesn’t it make your eye twitch a bit to see the mounds of plastic paper and ribbons going into the trash on Christmas morning? Many people tend to agree, which is why more and more households are turning to sustainable gift-wrapping methods for the holidays. One method that is growing in popularity is called Furoshiki.
Furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to carry around belongings but has now become a popular eco-friendly gift wrapping method. It also refers to the art and/or technique of wrapping goods and gifts using cloth and fabric instead of wrapping paper. Traditional Furoshiki may feature hemmed edges, thicker and more expensive materials, and hand-painted designs.

If you’re looking to buy your own furoshiki cloth, one of our favorites is by a brand called Musubi Kiln. But - if you’re thinking of adding one of our Holiday Blankets to your gift why not save yourself the time and energy and use it as wrapping paper as well? We’ll show you how.

To wrap a gift in furoshiki, all you need is a two-sided cloth and some basic folding skills. Here’s are some simple ways to wrap a gift in furoshiki:
Source: Fabcycle

If you want to keep it as simple as possible or just don’t have the patience for decorating, furoshiki is the right choice for you. When wrapping a gift in furoshiki, you’ll see that no wasteful decorations, ribbons or non-recyclable materials are needed. Just find a nice cloth, perhaps with a festive pattern like our Nordic Fleece Blanket!
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