Our Story

We did not intend to build a baby and kid clothing company.

A few years ago, as three women who love the outdoors and skiing, we saw a huge opportunity to bring more stylish but highly technical base layers (aka. long johns) to other women, who like us, love the outdoors.

This led us down a path of understanding how to work with fabrics that stretch, the importance of exactly where a cuff is sewn and where a zipper begins and ends. We were ready to take on this industry, where the style had not changed since the 70s. But then something happened: we had babies. 

Having kids did not alter our ambitions but rather changed the opportunity. As families that love to be outside, we began sharing our outdoor pursuits with our kids and realized a few things:

  1. We could use what we learned in building base layers, and apply them to something for kids.
  2. Very few brands were offering what we needed: layers for sleep and play. We wanted clothing that was versatile in function and looked great too.
  3. Comfortable, breathable clothing make for happy little adventurers.

And now we are here!  Pika Layers is inspired by our love of outdoor living and our desire to create happy, healthy days and nights for our kids.

At this point, you might be asking: what's a Pika Layer? Our name is inspired by the pika, a small, furry animal who lives in the mountains. 

We hope you and your family love Pika Layers!

-- Marie, Atlee & Sophie

Pika Layers founders