The Benefits of Bamboo

 Posted: May 25, 2022

At PIKA, as a sustainability-focused family brand we have the goal of ensuring the safest, most comfortable garments for you and your children.

To keep up with this commitment, we craft all PIKA garments (with the exception of swimwear) from our super soft Rayon of bamboo fabric.

But what makes bamboo fabric so special? Keep reading to find out what sets it apart from other materials, and why we love it so much!

About Bamboo Fabric

The use of bamboo fabric for textiles first took off in the early 2000s by developers across the world. 

Not only is bamboo one of the fastest growing plants in the world (some species growing at 30mm per hour!), but it is incredibly environmentally-friendly with features such as being able to remove carbon from soil and biomass at a faster rate than most other plants.

Along with its super speed growth and environmentally beneficial features, bamboo material has some other perks:

1. Super-Soft

Due to the smooth, round nature of bamboo fibres, bamboo-based materials are naturally super-soft and cozy on the skin. 

2. Naturally UV Protecting

Lignin, a natural compound found in bamboo has the special property of being protecting against UV radiation, meaning that this material actively keeps your skin safe while you wear it. Plus, the tight knitting of the garment fibres helps to block out UV rays and adds extra protection.

3. Antimicrobial and Antifungal

A naturally bacteriostatic element occurring in bamboo called Kun has its own antimicrobial and antifungal properties that help keep disease away from bamboo fabric and its wearers.

4. Moisture-Wicking and Breathable

Because of the structure of bamboo fibres in the material, our garments have the ability to naturally absorb water and sweat from the skin without trapping it. By moving moisture to the surface of the fabric, this material keeps the skin feeling cool and dry. 

5. Naturally Durable

Did you know that bamboo has the same compressive strength as concrete? Additionally, the smooth structure of bamboo fibres reduces jagged edges and allows the fabric to withstand a good amount of love - compared to its typical fabric counterparts which can catch on surroundings and wear easier. 

Our PIKAs:

Because we are committed to maximum comfort while maintaining our sustainable standards, not only are PIKAs made from super-soft Rayon of bamboo - perfect for keeping the skin feeling cool and cozy, but all of our fabric is sourced from environmentally-conscious vendor, Tobimax

Tobimax is committed to sustainability through preventing the use of toxins in their materials, responsibly sourcing and disposing of water, and ensuring fair treatment and pay of workers.
At PIKA, we've also taken the initiative to ensure the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification for all of our fabrics so you can be certain that every component of the garment has been tested and is free from harmful chemical substances. 
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