Sensory Friendly Clothes: Why PIKAs Are Your Best Choice

Posted: October 5, 2021

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At PIKA, we believe that each and every child deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their clothing.

Sensory friendly garments are designed with close attention to common discomforts experienced by some children in clothing. These qualities can include (but aren’t limited to) material softness, comfort, and fit.  Pika Layers co-founder Sophie is well aware of this. Her 6 year old son refuses to wear clothing that he calls "scratchy" or is constricting.  "When kids have sensory issues with clothing, it can make them feel overwhelmed and upset, and exhausting for the parents.  Sensory friendly clothing is just one solution that helped my son and can help kids that may have a sensory sensitivity."   


In aims of reducing stress, we’ve designed our PIKAs to be suitable for all children to enjoy. Here are a few factors that contribute to the sensory-friendly nature of our items:

1. Super-Soft Feel

We know that sometimes there’s nothing worse than having to wear thick, uncomfortable clothing.  This is why our PIKAs, created with super-soft bamboo rayon, are like a cozy (but breathable and lightweight) hug to the skin!

2. Tagless

Other common garment irritants include things like itchy fabrics and scratchy tags. Our children’s PJs and Sun Shirts are designed to be tagless to avoid any tactile discomforts. 

3. Moisture-Wicking and Temperature-Regulating

Garments that are breathable and not hot are key. Our bamboo fabric is temperature-regulating and naturally moisture-wicking to help the skin stay feeling dry and fresh. All. Day. Long.


4. Gusset in Pants

We design our kid’s pants with gussets - diamond-shaped seams in the crotch region that allow for better movement ability. Freedom of movement can be a crucial factor in sensory clothing as it allows your child to feel unrestricted, so we made sure to include this great feature. 

5. Raglan Style Shirt

The Raglan style shirt, more commonly known as the baseball shirt, is a cut designed for maximum movement in the shoulders. With a continuous stretch of fabric from the neck to the underarm, this design is perfect for the movers! At PIKA, our Sun Shirt is a Raglan cut which makes it perfect for all your little's adventures!

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