Product Highlight: Bamboo Baby Sleepers

Posted: July 6th, 2022

Looking for your next go-to baby sleeper? Look no further. At PIKA, we design our products with purpose, and attention to detail. This means we use only clean materials that are the softest and most comfortable on the skin. 

To showcase our commitment to quality, we wanted to highlight the features of one of our most popular products - our baby sleepers! With all the bases covered, these sleepers are sure to be your baby's new go-to. 

Sleeper Features:

1. Wool in the Toes

We know that cold toes are a no-go for babies. That’s why all our footed baby sleepers are lined with merino wool in the feet so that your little one’s toes can stay warm and dry, day or night.

2. Two-Way Zipper and Zipper Guard

As parents, we know that sometimes, convenience is everything. That's why a special feature of our PIKA sleepers is that they are made with two-way zippers that unzip from the top and the bottom. This way, you can do quick diaper changes and skip the hassle. On top of that, our zippers are backed with a soft fabric guard on the skin side to ensure max comfort for the littles.

3. Fold-over Cuffs 

Those little hands are the cutest things ever, but no one wants their baby using them to scratch at their face during the night. Luckily, our sleepers have built-in fold over cuffs that can guard your little's hands for sleep, then disappear for play. 

4. Super-Soft Bamboo Fabric

It’s no surprise why our PIKAs are so incredibly soft - we owe it all to our wonderful bamboo rayon fabric! Super soft and cozy, this material will keep your littles comfy through every adventure with temperature regulating properties for heat control.

5. Tagless

Even as adults, we know that "itchy" and clothes don't mix well. That’s why none of our children’s garments are made with tags. Instead, we make our garments with subtle, printed labels on the inside. Less irritation. More smiles.

6. To Be, or Not to Be Footed

Of course, we couldn’t just make our sleepers for the newborns! Our sleepers are offered for ages 0-24 months, with footed options for 0-6 months and non-footed for 6-24. So cozy, even we want to wear them!

7. Our Prints

At PIKA, we believe in children wearing what they feel good in! That's why we design all of our prints to be gender neutral so that kids can express themselves however and in whatever they want to.

Check out our sleepers today on our websiteand feel free to leave us a comment down below on what you think!

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