What's In Your Hospital Bag?


With a baby on the way, we know that the last thing you want to hear is that you need to do, you guessed it...more planning!


It can be overwhelming trying to think about all the things you still need to prepare before the little one arrives, and to help you out, we’ve put together this super simple list of Canadian items to include in your hospital bag.

With some handy recommendations for your bag, you can be rid of the stress and get excited about your new baby!

1. Baby Sleepers and a Hat

When your baby is born, they may well be just a little bit upset that your belly is no longer their permanent residence. 

Luckily, with the assistance of a cozy sleeper and hat, your baby can feel comfy right from the get-go. Check out PIKA bamboo Sleepers offered in 5+ colours, and our super soft Baby Hats, perfect for keeping your little's head warm 24/7.

2. Blanket

The tried and true blanket is definitely a must for your hospital bag. Like the sleeper and hat, a blanket is a great way to provide a cozy hug around your baby at all times (and also makes for a great keepsake)! Our Summer Breeze Blanket is made from super soft bamboo rayon and is perfect for keeping your baby comfortable with its natural temperature-regulating properties. 

3. Disposable or Reusable Diapers

A true necessity to bring in your bag will be some diapers. Easy to forget, but definitely super helpful. For Canadian solutions, head over Coterie who offers clean, moisture-wicking diapers. Looking for reusable instead? Esembly Baby has got all the goods - made from soft, waterproof, organic cotton, sure to keep the littles content.

4. Comfy Clothes

Let's be real, who would want to be in a hospital in uncomfy clothes? When packing, think about the softest and coziest items that you own and bring them along. Check out our super cozy PIKA Women’s Lounge for inspo, featuring the silkiest Lounge Pants, Tops, Shorts, and more!

5. Slippers & Socks

If you've been to a hospital, you probably know that they are chilly! And since there’s nothing worse than being stuck in there while you’re freezing, we suggest packing along some slippers and socks for your toes.

6. Sweats

Honestly, can you ever really have too many sweaters? (Hint: the answer is no). Particularly at the hospital, you’ll want whatever cozy gear you can get your hands on, so pack along at least one of these! Head over to Canadian brand, Brunette the Label, for the cutest sets.

7. Car Seat

The time has finally come for bump to become baby, and soon you’ll be ready to take them home! But first, you’re going to need a car seat to keep the little one safe on the ride back. Founded by parents, Canadian company clek offers a range of car seats that are designed for maximum safety, comfort, and style.

8. Robe

Whether for pre-labour or for just hanging around the hospital in, a robe is a nice, easy throw-over to have. Tofino Towel Co. - a Canadian brand based in British Columbia, creates beautiful robes in tons of styles, so be sure to check them out!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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