Summer Camp Packing List

Posted: May 18th, 2022

With the hot weather upon us and the school year winding down, we know that many of your kiddos will soon be heading off to summer camp!

Take it from us, some of the greatest memories, friendships, stories, and even job opportunities come from going to camp. To give your kids the best experience, check out our list of some of the essential items to pack with your camper. 

1. Durable Water Bottle

It's not uncommon that summer camps will request your camper to bring a 1L sized water bottle. With that in mind, a Nalgene water bottle is the perfect fit. BPA-free and built to last, these bottles can do it all, plus they are offered in tons of styles and colours that your kids are sure to love and treasure for a long, long time.

2. Sunscreen

Of course, sunscreen is a must when spending hours outdoors each day, but it's also important to ensure that what you put on your child's skin is safe. think™ sunscreen offers a wide variety of mineral based sunscreens that protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, without the use of harmful chemicals found in other brands.

3. Breathable Clothes

Since your little one will be spending lots of time being active while at camp, it's important to keep them cool. PIKA offers breathable bamboo shorts and tees that are soft, comfy, and temperature regulating so your camper can beat the heat.

4. Sun Safe Garments

Even with sunscreen, it's important to max out your kid's sun protection. Whether they're canoeing, rock climbing, or watching the sunset, keep your camper safe with a moisture-wicking UPF 50+ garment such as our SunSoft™ UPF 50+ Kids Shirt.

5. Cozy PJs

Don't forget that summer nights can get chilly, especially in camp cabins! To keep them comfy, pack your camper with some super soft PIKA PJs. They're made with gentle, stretchy bamboo rayon fabric and are the perfect thing for evening cozy time.

6. Swimsuits

If you didn't know, PIKA just launched our first swim collection! Not only are these suits eco-friendly and made from material derived from recycled plastic water bottles, but they are also UPF 50+ for sun safety.

7. Towel

In addition to our swimwear, we also just launched our brand new UPF 50+ Kids Towel Poncho! These throw-over towels are the perfect thing for your kiddo to wear from the cabin to the lake, or just to lounge in over their swimsuit at the water.

 8. Warm Mid Layers

If you've been to camp or spent a lot of time in the outdoors, you're probably familiar with the great feeling of getting out of those cold, wet bathing suits after a day at the water and into some soft, cozy clothes to wear in the evening.

PIKA offers lots of options for your littles to stay warm, from our Kids Fleece Zip-Up to our Fleece Pants.

9. Hat

Keep the sun off your camper's face with a cool cap from Headster. This Canadian brand offers a wide range of styles and colours that can protect your little's face and head with SPF50 protection. 

10. Rain Coat

"Rain or shine" is a pretty well-worn expression when it comes to outdoor activities at camp. For breathable coats to weather the weather, head over to environmentally conscious brand MEC and check out their extensive line of outdoor apparel.

Got more ideas of what to bring? Let us know in the comments section! 

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