Creative Kids: More than Just Play

Posted: June 15th, 2022

When you think of creativity, what comes to mind? Arts and crafts? Maybe music lessons? Well it turns out there might actually be more benefits to kids getting creative than just their own fun.

Creativity can be described as the generation of new ideas, problem-solving, and the ability to communicate with others - all of which contribute to healthy child development. As parents ourselves, we wanted to showcase a few of the benefits of creativity to children that might not be so obvious at first glance.

 1. Creativity helps children understand their emotions

Physical experiences contribute a great deal to a child's cognitive development, and promote brain growth in ways that allow them to learn, understand, and interpret complex information. Through creative practices like play, children learn how to understand and respond to their emotions.

2. Creativity is satisfying and rewarding for children

Everyone loves receiving positive feedback on something they’ve worked hard on. That’s why creativity can be so beneficial for boosting your child’s self-esteem. Through interacting with others and receiving praise for their work, they gain a sense of self-confidence.

3. Creativity can promote brain development 

Ever heard the expression, "children are like sponges"? Well it might not be so far off. Creative play may actually be involved in helping shape the brain through forming nerve cell connections (the basis for everything!). By engaging in creative activities, the brain can strengthen neural circuits and prepare children to handle complex cognitive experiences.

PIKA and Creative Kids

Self-expression is pivotal for children is as it helps them grasp their identity. In fact, self-expression and creativity actually go hand-in-hand to boost confidence and independence. 

At PIKA, we create garments that are stretchy for non-restrictive movement, super soft and gentle on the skin, and offered in exciting colours and patterns so your littles can wear what they look and feel good in.

Feel free to leave a comment below! Happy creating!

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