Say no to snaps! See the Baby Sleeper zipper in action

When we set out to design the world's best baby sleeper we knew one thing was a non-negotiable: there would be a zipper, no snaps! As parents we know that every second counts when you are a doing a diaper change...especially at 2 am.

Our easy, top-to-bottom zipper means no irritating baby's chin and easy diaper changes, no matter the time of day or night.

Step #1: Before Bed

Connect zip at top of sleeper and zip all the way down to zipper cover just above the foot.

Step #2: Middle of the night

Only zip halfway up to get legs and bums out for diaper changes. No need to take off whole sleeper.

Step #3: Back to sleep!

Quick zip back down towards the feet and back into bed! (no mismatched snaps here)

Get your hands on a Pika Layers Sleeper and say no to snaps!