COVID-19 response: Help us help hospitals keep everyone safe

**UPDATE: Because of the immense generosity of our community, we were able to reach our goal of 1000 masks in less than five days! Thank you to everyone who donated. We are working with to help in the distribution of masks across the country where they are needed most.

In response to your requests we are opening up the sale of kid and adult non-medical grade face masks to our Pika Layers Community. 

This will also allow us to continue with our donation initiative and donate a face mask with every pack purchased to hospitals and medical facilities across the country.**

A note from Atlee, Sophie and Marie - Pika Layers founders

We have been trying our best to keep our heads afloat over the last couple weeks as we are sure you all have been. Juggling young kids, work and trying to “keep calm and carry on" has been a challenge to say the least :)

We’ve had many conversations about how we could best help our communities and those around us over the last few days. Friends have asked us whether we could make fabric masks for them and their kids. This, coupled with recent calls from hospitals for fabric masks, led us to decide to work with our manufacturer here in Toronto and produce non-medical grade masks for children and adults with our bamboo material. 

These masks are used by people who are not working directly with COVID patients such as hospital visitors, discharged patients and the broader community. These masks will be distributed by hospitals as they see fit. 

We feel really good about trying to help hospitals keep everyone safe and supporting our local manufacturer during this extremely challenging time and hope you will join us.

Thank you SO much for helping us reach our goal!